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Concerning Behavior
Academic Misconduct

Please report any suspicion of child abuse to the authorities as required by local laws and regulations.

® Reporting Portal is monitored daily but is not a crisis hot line. If you have an emergency, safety issue, or event-related issue that needs immediate resolution you should speak to a trusted adult such as a mentor, an event volunteer, pit admin, or event manager. However, even when issues are resolved on-site, we still encourage participants to follow up by submitting a report on the FIRST® Reporting Portal, so we are aware of issues that occurred.

YOUTH PROTECTION CONCERNS can encompass a wide variety of one-time or ongoing issues such as suspected abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination, questionable behavior, or violation to the FIRST Code of Conduct.

Does your concern involve youth as the impacted party and/or person whose behavior is being questioned? If yes, please continue and complete this form. Otherwise, complete the “OTHER” form. Your report will be properly assessed and sent to the appropriate parties.

MEDICAL INCIDENT: All physical injuries/illnesses, however, slight, taking place at a FIRST® official event must be reported to FIRST Headquarters. Physical injuries/illnesses that take place during a Team’s activities, not at an event, need only be reported if the injury is related to FIRST game materials, FIRST game design, or FIRST rules. Names may be removed if privacy regulations require it.

OTHER: If you are unsure where a concern falls , we encourage you to make a report under “Other” and we will ensure that your report gets to the appropriate department to be addressed.

FIRST® prohibits any form of retaliation against anyone making a good faith report of concern and anyone who participates in the investigation of a reported concern. If you feel any form of retaliation occurs because of reporting a concern, Youth Protection should be notified immediately.

FIRST Youth Protection
603-666-3906, Ext. 250