Investigation Response Form

The questionnaire must be completed individually. 

Under no circumstances are other associate members, active members, executive officers to assist or give any direction on what to include or omit from the questionnaire.

Under no circumstances are members to share their responses with anyone else, including other associate members, active members, executive officers, or others. 

If a member feels pressured in any way to provide false or misleading information, or share information, they are compelled to contact the Director of Member Services immediately.  

All responses must be truthful and exhaustive. 

If responses for respondents seem to be a result of collusion, influenced by others, provide false or misleading information, individual members and the Chapter may face additional charges from the International Fraternity. Moreover, individual membership may be placed under review and recommended for expulsion or suspension. 

This is a formal investigation document, therefore all responses should be written, edited, and formatted in a professional manner. Take as much space as needed. 

General Incident Information

The Fraternity is conducting an investigation concerning a hazing allegation.

It was reported that the Chapter or a group of members of the Chapter had Associate Members at the Chapter Facility. The reporting party alleged that there was very loud verbal abuse and possible physical exercises. The verbal abuse reported included calling the Associate Members "Mother Fuckers," "Retards," and calling the Associate Members the homophobic F slur.