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Appeal procedures for cases adjudicated by the International Fraternity 

A member may appeal the decision of an Interim Action, Administrative Hearing, a Judicial Committee Hearing, a hearing held by his Chapter, or the sanction(s)/outcomes imposed following a hearing by submitting a written petition for appeal within five working days of receiving the written decision.

- An appeal of an Interim Action will be considered by the fraternity staff member that delivered the action.

- An appeal of an Administrative Hearing will be considered by the Judicial Committee.

- An appeal of a Judicial Committee Hearing will be considered by the Board of Directors. 

Appeal Procedures for Cases Adjudicated by Chapters Resulting in Removal from Office, Suspension, or Expulsion

Members removed from office, suspended or expelled as a result of a hearing held by his Chapter may submit an appeal for review up to 5 days after receiving the original outcome of the hearing in writing. Any member of the Chapter may also submit an appeal of the Chapter's decision, if the member was found not responsible. 

- An appeal of Removal from Office will be considered by a fraternity staff member.

- An appeal of Suspension will be considered by the Board of Directors.

- An appeal of Expulsion will be considered by the Board of Directors.

For both processes, the designated appeal officer(s) will review the appeal to determine if the appeal is timely and sets forth appropriate grounds and accompanying evidence. If the appeal has grounds, the designated appeal officer may affirm the original hearing body's decision, may remand it back to the original hearing body to review new evidence or fix procedural errors, modify the original hearing body's decision, or assign a new hearing with a new hearing body. 
There is no appeal of the designated appeal officer's decision. 

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Appeal Information

Note: A disagreement with the decision alone does not constitute grounds for appeal. 

The only proper grounds for appeal are: 1) a procedural or substantive error that significantly impacted the outcome of the hearing, 2) discovery of new evidence unavailable leading up to and during the original hearing, which could substantially impact the original finding or sanction, or 3) the sanctions/outcomes imposed substantially vary from the range of sanctions normally imposed for similar violations. 

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Petitions for appeal must clearly identify the grounds for the appeal, together with any evidence upon which the appeal is based. 

*PDF Documents Preferred