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This public portal is the platform through which four (4) types of reports can be submitted. The first is the Concerning Behavior Report, where concerning behaviors are forwarded to the Campus Intervention Team (CIT) for follow up or investigation. Please click on "Concerning Behavior" above and complete the incident report form. Reports can be submitted anonymously. Call 911 to report an emergency. The second type of report is the Academic Integrity Report, which allows faculty members to submit incidents of academic dishonesty. Click on “Academic Integrity" above to complete your report. The third is to report acts of student misconduct outside of academics. This includes, but is not limited to, disorderly conduct, alcohol or drug use, violence and threats, or dating/domestic violence. Click on "Student Conduct" to report this kind of behavior. The fourth report to be submitted is “Student Grievance,” where a student can file a report if the student experienced faculty/staff behavior believed to be unfair, unjust, incompetent or inappropriate.
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