Student Grievance
Student Grievance
Student Grievance Policy

Baruch College maintains a commitment to providing students with a professional and equitable learning environment. Should a student experience faculty/staff behavior that they believe to be unfair, unjust, incompetent or inappropriate, students are able to file a formal complaint through the Office of the Dean of Students, located in the Newman Vertical Campus, room 3-175.  

The Office of the Dean of Students will assist students in ensuring their complaint is heard by the appropriate office. Complaints may be redirected to a more appropriate office such as Student Disability Services, Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator or the academic Department Chair (etc.) depending upon the nature of the grievance.  For more information on the procedure for handling student complaints about faculty conduct in academic settings, please visit relevant page of the Faculty Handbook.

**All grievances must be submitted with your name and contact information provided. However, the Office of the Dean of Students will not share your name with anyone else without your consent.

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